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Learn How To Consistently Add 10, 20, or Even 35+ of Your Ideal Massage Clients Into Your Practice Every Month (Without Relying on Groupon, Steep Discounts, or Sleazy Sales Tactics)

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"Every month since may has been our best month ever! Our biggest increase was $13k. We are averaging about $6-$7k more [per month] before we started."
Michael Ortiz
Owner - Massage Customs
"I just want to give a shout out to "DJ" and thank him for how he’s helped me grow my Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques social media presence. Over the past 4 decades in the bodywork business, I’ve hired a bunch of social media specialists and...none have had the depth of knowledge and implementation skills I’ve experienced with DJ."
Erik Dalton
Freedom From Pain Insttitute
"I've gone from 4-5 clients per week to 3-4 clients per day!"
Jessica W.
Massage Therapist
"I can vouch for Darryl! He knows his sh*t!"
Scott Lindquist
MT Success Academy

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Hi There! I’m DJ…

And I’m passionate about helping massage therapists build, grow, & scale their businesses. 

I came into this bodywork world as a transplant from the private practice medical & dental industry, and now act as host of the Massage Boss Podcast, and owner of Massage Boss Marketing.

I believe no one should ever have to struggle to figure out where their next clients is going to come from. 

I’ve made it my mission to uncover the tools, tactics, resources, & insight needed for massage therapists like you to build, grow, & scale the practices of their dreams.

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