A Simple and Repeatable Framework For Consistently Generating Massage Clients – Episode 002

About This Episode

In this episode I dive further into my Open Letter To Struggling Massage Therapists and give you some actionable advice for how you can attract & book new clients. If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to Episode 001 so you have the context you need to apply this advice!

What To Listen For

  • The framework for consistently generating new massage clients
  • What kinds of therapists this system works best with
  • The most fundamental first step of seeing success in your massage business.
  • How to choose or refine your niche
  • How to get your ideal clients to separate themselves from the crowd
  • How to get your ideal client to practically beg you for your hep & services
  • What to offer your clients instead of a discount
  • How to operate without paying for ads
  • The 4 components necessary to “crack the code” of repeatable client attraction
  • How to get free & customized help with building your own client attraction system

About The Guest

This is a solo episode! Darryl “DJ” Turner is a marketing agency owner and massage marketing consultant. He helps massage therapists build systems to consistently attract & book their ideal clients. Join his free Facebook community at www.massagemarketinggroup.com

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