Dear Massage Therapists: Be The Client You Want To See

Dear Massage Therapists,

Be the client you want to see.

The other day in another group saw someone asking about prices for marketing services, and if the price was worth it.

This in itself wasn’t an issue. it’s totally normal to shop and ask around.

But it was all the responses that were really troubling…

They were mostly from people (therapists specifically) talking about how they would never pay a certain amount for any marketing service.

This made me think…are you being the client that you want to attract?

I personally believe in treatment based bodywork. Where you as a practitioner are accepting money in exchange for solving peoples problems.

The whole thing got me thinking…

If you’re the kind of person who is not willing to invest in having your own problem solved, then why are you willing or expecting your clients to be that way?

The people who invest in having that problem solved act on a completely different wavelength, that other people can pick up on.

And just tactically if you’ve never battle the conversation yourself with investing into your future then how can you expect to have that conversation with a client who is unsure about rebooking or purchasing an expensive package from you.

This isn’t a sales pitch about working with me.

and I’m not even going to say marketing is the place you should be investing in right now.

But don’t let your mindset around money, especially spending money, creep into your business.

Be the client you want to see

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