[INTERVIEW] Richard J. Platt’s Words of Advice For Growing Therapists

Richard J. Platt is a massage therapist, educator, clinical hypnotherapist and author of the bestselling book of Massage Therapists Success Mindset: Eight Success Principles For The Massage Therapists Entrepreneur.

Richard’s thought leading principal gives the students a unique perspective into why they get the results they’re getting, and how to achieve what they want within their industry successfully. Through Richard’s methods and eight success principles outlined in his book, his clients can set new goals, and begin the journey to achieve the happiness and fulfillment they most desire within their massage therapy careers.

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Do you have any words of advice for the therapists watching, listening, or reading?

Understand that you don’t know everything about your industry. You don’t know everything about your mind and how things are. Remain open to possibilities information that comes into your awareness, because typically things that are coming to awareness and the results that you get in your environment, your experience with your business, and your personal life are a byproduct of what’s going on inside of your mind. It’s all a mirror and a reflection of things that are going on up here. 

Do your own research, do your own studies, figure out what works for you. There are hundreds of different avenues to go down. I teach what, what worked for me, and also what worked for my mentors. There are some things that always remain the same though. Successful entrepreneurs do things a certain way. When you figure out what that way is for you and how you can repetitively do these actions that you see results from, that’s where you’re going to see the momentum.

You also touched on a very good point earlier, that your goals are going to change. The goals will change based on who you are setting those goals. Because who you are when you reach your end destination is not who you are right now. You’re going to have different awareness’s, different perceptions and therefore different goals. So just keep an open mind with it and understand that yeah, action is imperative and it’s important. 

You can’t really drive a car, without the engine, you know. And what good is an engine without a vehicle for it to sit in. You know, it’s kind of a weird example, but make sure that you are understanding that mindset and action go together because without the mindset and the perception of where you’re headed, you action doesn’t really mean much. You’re just floating around hoping that something excellent is going to come into your experience. Whereas this way you can direct it and you can propel yourself into the direction that you’re wanting to go into.

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