064 – Massage Boss Stories | Elyse Badewitz of Spa Haus Nashville (Part 1 of 2)

064 - Massage Boss Stories | Elyse Badewitz of Spa Haus Nashville (Part 1 of 2)

In this week’s Massage Boss Story, we take a closer look at Spa Haus Nashville, owned & operated by Elyse Badewitz.


Elyse has a true passion for the wellness industry and making people feel at ease. She became a licensed Esthetician in 2008, but her dream to open up her own day spa started well before then.


Originally from San Diego, California, Elyse moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2011 for a change of scenery. She loved that the cost of living was more affordable and the people were genuine and kind.


Elyse comes from a background of managing different types of day spas & salons throughout the years, as well as a stint being a server and personal assistant while writing up her business plan to open up her own spa.


In November 2014 Elyse opened up Love Skin Nashville as a one-woman show. She quickly gained a name for herself, expanded, and hired her first employees in July 2015. At the end of 2017, Elyse had the opportunity to buy a building a block away and expand her dream. 


At that time, she decided to change the name of the spa to be more encompassing of all the services they offered. Elyse comes from a strong German heritage, so Spa Haus seemed like a perfect fit!


The idea of Spa Haus came along as a place where everyone is welcome and taken care of. Where the staff is treated well with a healthy and appreciative work environment, as well as a place where clients can feel the love and kindness while getting high-quality services from incredible practitioners.


Without over 14 staff members, 7 of which are massage therapists, Spa Haus is a premier location for massage & spa services in the Nashville Area.


In Part 1 of our interview, we cover a wide range of topics such as:

  1. How Spa Haus Came To Be

  2. How They’ve Seen growth so quickly

  3. How she pays & employees her team

  4. How COVID has affected her practice & changes she’s made

  5. Mistakes She Learned From & Advice  Gained Along the Way


Learn more about Spa Haus: https://www.spahausnashville.com/



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