— For Self Employed Massage Therapists Only —

An Open Letter To Self Employed Massage Therapists Who Struggle To Consistently Fill Their Schedules With High Quality Clients

From The Desk of Darryl “DJ” Turner
January 10 2020,

Dear Friend,

If you wish to truly know & understand the skills necessary to consistently attract & book high quality clients (without relying on Groupon, steep discounts, or sleazy sales tactics), then this will be the most important letter you read today.

(I’ll show you why in a minute.)

But first, I want to start by saying this…

If marketing and advertising your business in the past has failed, you should know it’s not your fault.

You’ve been set up for failure from Day 1…

The skills it takes to be great at performing massage are almost completely unrelated to the skills necessary to run a successful massage business.

Massage schools, and your previous work experience haven’t set you up for what it really takes to excel at marketing & selling massage services.

It doesn’t make things any better when you have “group discount” companies who prey on self employed massage therapists and trick them into tight, overbearing, and unforgiving contracts.

After dealing with them you end up giving away your services for so cheap, you’re tired, overworked, barely making the bills!

(And you keep attracting all of these one-stop shoppers and deal seekers.)

But all of this is still better than going back to that old Spa job right?

I’m sure that you, like many other massage therapists, despise large massage chains for tons of different reasons.

Things like:

  • Inadequate Pay
  • Questionable” management practices
  • No Control Over Your Clients
  • No Control Over Your Schedule
  • And getting worked to the bone!
However, there’s something important that you should learn from “the big guys” like Massage Envy, Elements, and Massage Heights

See, a large part of the reason for their success, (and the thing you need to takeaway) is this:

They Run Their Businesses Using Systems

Everything has an order, and everything has it’s place.

They have systems to help make sure that the massages are consistent across every single location, the have systems to make sure they KEEP clients in their practice, but most importantly they all have a system to make sure that they consistently attract and book new clients.

And the most successful private practices are run the same way too..

It’s almost like they have a magic button they can push (And boom! New clients pop out the backside.)

Unfortunately, the reality for most self employed massage therapists, is that they have no idea what it takes to consistently attract their ideal clients.

The actions they take produce inconsistent & unpredictable results, or just flat out don’t work!

So, instead of constantly spinning through the“feast or famine” cycle, I want to show you a better way to predictably attract & book your ideal clients.

(Without resorting to manipulative sales tactics or de-valuing your services)

Here’s What Will Be Revealed To You In This Letter

Key Takeaway #1 The Biggest Mistake That You Can Avoid To Make Sure That Your Marketing Doesn’t Turn Into A Complete Waste Of Your Time, Energy, and Money.

Key Takeaway #2The 3 Core Things Successful Private Practitioners Have Figured Out (That Struggling Therapists Have Not)

Key Takeaway #3 – The Simple and Repeatable Framework For Consistently Generating New Massage Clients and How To Implement It RIGHT AWAY

But most importantly, by the end of reading this letter you will know and understand a POWERFUL Client attraction system.

A System That:

  • Works on Virtually ANY Marketing Budget
  • Attracts Massage clients who are ready to BUY
  • And Is based on real and PROVEN Results

Does any of this sound familiar to you…?

Maybe you’re someone like Sally Swedish:

  • New to the business world because she’s fresh out of school (or finally quit her spa job!).
  • She’s attracting clients, but they’re low quality.
  • They never seem to want to pay full price, they never seem to tip, and they’re never rebooking.
  • They leave her in a situation where she feels tired, overworked, and just on the edge of burnout.

Or maybe you’re a bit more like Melanie Medical.

  • She’s not new to the industry.
  • In fact, she’s highly skilled, highly trained, and even great at retaining her clients.
  • But for whatever reason, she’s just stuck attracting new clients, and filling out her schedule.
  • Of all the things she tries, nothing seems to sticks, and she can’t gain any attraction.

But there’s one thing that she knows for sure…

She’s NOT going back to Groupon, or giving away her services for free to try and grow her business!

Or (and I certainly hope not) you might be like Andrew Ashiatsu

  • Who’s just struggling to book any clients at all.
  • Nothing seems to be working.
  • He’s having to go back to a second job (and starting to consider a third).

And as he’s watching the debt pile up he’s thinking to himself the end of the day, “I don’t know if this is ever going to work out.

Thankfully with the advent of modern technology, paired with decades old, tried-and-true, marketing strategy, there’s a better way to attract high quality massage clients.

(And I want to share it with you today.)

So, Why Am I Sharing This Information With You Now?

Because, I watched a “group discount” campaign literally send a massage therapist to the hospital.

This was the conversation I’ll never forget…

Every week, I speak with therapists for free to help guide them through their biggest struggles & hurdles in their business, so they have a plan to get “where they wanna be”.

However, on this particular day, things were a little different…

Someone missed their scheduled call, (which at time I thought ,”No biggie it happens”), so I went about my regular day.

But, when I went back to check my phone later that day, I saw a text message that made my heart sink.

Her son reached out to me a few hours later to let me know that she had been rushed to the hospital.

When I was able to talk to her, I got a sense of the bigger picture.

It turned out, she had the most successful “group discount” in her town.

(In fact, she was seeing clients nonstop!)

But like most”group discount” campaigns, she was making pennies on the dollar.

It was getting to be too much, and although she wanted the company to turn off the campaign, so she could regroup and relax,

She was in a situation where she needed the money to pay bills, and she just could not say “no”.

This kept going for weeks (and weeks and weeks, and weeks…)

Until finally, one day she passed out from exhaustion, and had to be RUSHED to the hospital.

It was this moment I knew I had to share what I know about massage client attraction, and prevent this from ever happening to another therapists, again.

Who Am I Anyway?

Hi There! My Name is Darryl Turner

(But most people call me DJ)

And I help massage therapists build systems to consistently attract and book their ideal clients

(Without Having to Constantly Discount & Devalue Their Services. )

I doubt you know who I am, but there’s a slim chance you’ve heard of me as a guest on the 2 Massage Therapists & A Microphone Podcast, a speaker The Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit, or featured in Funnel Magazine (A leading publication dedicated to the latest and greatest in digital marketing)

Anyway, I’ve been doing this for a while now – putting out free-trainings, working with clients, and most importantly getting people results.

( Results Like This)
(And helping do stuff like that)

I’m a marketing agency owner & consultant who’s had the honor and privilege of working in and with 6 & 7 Figure businesses across U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Not to mention the fact that I’ve spent TENS of thousands on advertising to figure out what works (and what doesn’t).

And after being in this industry for sometime, I noticed that there are 2 types of massage therapists out there…

Type #1 – The Grinders.

These are the therapists who make some money sometime, but no money most of the time

(Or honestly, they’re spending way too much time to make way too little money)

They hop around from tactic to tactic, but for some reason nothing seems to “click” and the business never really grows.

But on the other side of the spectrum you have Type #2.

Type #2 – The Rainmakers.

These therapists are totally crushing it.

They’re making so. much. money.

And even better, they’re serving their ideal clients every day (and doing it HAPPILY, ETHICALLY, and PROFITABLY inside of their practices.)

So, naturally, it begs the question:

What is it that allows some massage therapists to thrive, while others have to struggle?

(And make less money than in their full time job, or even struggle to make rent?)

Well, after talking to, and working with numerous successful private practitioners over the years, I realized that the rainmakers have three core things figured out in their business.

While the grinders and strugglers might only have one of the three.

(Or most of the time they don’t actually have any of them!)

I’m going to share them with you here, but what might surprise you is this:

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with, how “good” their massage is, how long they’ve been practicing, or even which modality they practice!

Even when asking around I noticed an interesting trend…

When You Ask “Older” and more season therapists the key to success they say things like:

  • “You Just got to give a great massage” or
  • You just need to put yourself out there.
  • Just make sure you get lots of referrals

And while, that’s great when you’re an established business (or maybe if you started your business 20 or 30 years ago)…

In 2020 you need a little bit more than that to be able to successfully grow a massage business and attract clients.

However, when you ask “newer” therapist what they think is necessary…

They also say & do thing that have solid reasoning, but don’t actually move the needle.

Things like:

  • “I’ve got to have this fancy website” and
  • Let me spend days and days thinking about this complex new logo.”
  • I need to post on Instagram exactly 2.64x per day
  • And “I need to take ALL of of hands-on CEU’s

And they think they need to know every single modality…(cause you know, the more modalities I know, the more people I can help.)

Then they go out, print 10,000,000 business cards and give it to every gym, chiro, and seemingly every living person in town.

Then, when THAT doesn’t work, more often than not they say something like:

“You know, what? I’m gonna start paying for ads. This is definitely gonna work!”

So they put money into the “latest” advertising platform, and what happens next?

Zip… Zilch… NADA.

And then they end up burnt out and broke, because they had NO IDEA what they were doing.

Now I want to be clear – there is absolutely nothing wrong with paid advertising…

They’re Just Forgetting a Fundamental Step.

And the best way I can explain this step to you, is by telling you a quick story about how the Wright brothers invented the world’s first flying vehicle…

How The Right Brothers Invented The Worlds First Flying Vehicle

(And What It Has To Do With Saving You Lots Of Time, Energy, And Money)
Back in 1903 the race was on to invent the world’s first plane…

And so people started building these really big impressive engines and straggling them onto these vehicles, but they are completely ignoring the aerodynamics of the wings.

And because of this, we got to see these big fancy, beautiful engines that we had never really seen before.

But at the end of the day, these machines completely failed because they had been ignoring what it actually takes to successfully fly.

(The Wright Bros. on the other hand, took a completely different approach…)

While the whole world was obsessed over engines, the Wright brothers looked at the planes aerodynamic in their wings, and they decided they would do something different.

They would focus on a vehicle that could actually glide in the air without an engine

(So that later when they strapped an engine to it, they knew they would find success.)

And we all know that this worked today and we have what we consider the modern airplane.

When I look out in the industry, I see a lot of the same thing happening today…

Massage therapists have become “engine obsessive”

They’re so obsessed with the latest marketing platform or trick and they completely ignore their system to go out and convert strangers into high paying, high quality clients.

Most massage therapists are obsessed and frenzied over like Facebook “hacks”, or the latest targeting option, or should I be on LinkedIn or the next Instagram Hashtag, and all of these things!

But in reality…

All they’re really doing is strapping a larger and more complex engine to a fundamentally flawed plane.

Now remember that I told you that the rainmakers have three things in their business and the grinders do not?

I want to tell you know what’s even more interesting is what a top practice owners are NOT doing in their business.

They’re not trying to convince every single person that they NEED a massage.

I think Seth Godin, one of the greatest marketing minds of our time, said it best…

“Everyone Is NOT Your Customer”

(And the most successful massage practices have already figured this out.)

No matter how beneficial massage is, and no matter what great things it can do for everyone, it truly isn’t meant for you to serve everyone.

Instead of trying to market to 100% of people (and maybe getting 1% convinced to actually buy), they find the 1% who are fully ready to commit 100% into buying body work.

THIS is what successful massage business owners know and understand.

The thriving practices all have these 3 things in common:
  1. A crystal clear identification and understanding of their niche,
  2. A high quality source of targeted and converting traffic, and
  3. A systematic method for turning strangers into high paying, loyal clients

And with that, there’s an unfortunate truth that no one wants to hear.

But the fact of the matter is this…

If you don’t have a systematic, repeatable process to attract in book new massage clients, you do not have a business.

Now, if you feel like that was a bit of a shock, it’s okay. And if you disagree with me, that’s okay too.

Because if you’ve been struggling to make things work, I want to share with you the “missing piece” you’ve been looking for.

(Actually there are 3)

These are the only 3 things that matter when it comes to attracting massage clients

#1 – Your Niche

#2 – Your Traffic

#3 – Your Offer

And That‘s It

Think about it right now…

Are You Not Seeing As Many Massage Clients As You’d Like?

If the answer is “no”, then let me ask you this

  • Do you have a clear and defined niche? (Because a lot of therapists I talked to, they really don’t.)
  • Do you have a reliable source of targeted traffic?
  • Do you know where to find your clients (both online and offline)?
  • Do you have something that makes people say, Holy crap, YES, I want to buy that!“?

And if you answered “no” more than you answered “yes”

What Have You Done In The Last 7 Days To Actually Work On It?

I know it’s really easy to get distracted by all these new & shiny objects…

Like the latest Facebook Ad, ClickFunnel widget, or “Instagram Secret”

But the reality is these are the only things that matter:

  1. Having a clear and defined niche,
  2. Putting together and irresistible offer,
  3. And getting the offer in front of highly targeted traffic.

See, the most successful massage therapists already know this.

And when they have empty spaces on their calendar, it’s like they get to push a button and deploy their system for attracting new clients.

It’s like pushing a button and boom! The clients show up.

Now, I realize that up until this moment I’ve been speaking at a pretty high level, and I want to dive into the tactics of building your own client attraction system.

So what does this client attraction system actually look like?

First and foremost you have to choose a niche…

If this hasn’t been clear from this letter, this is one of the most fundamental steps of seeing success in your business.

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one..

Having a niche is like this crystal ball that it allows you to see with conviction who you’re going to serve everyday.

(And those people can also see you and say “Yes! That’s for me!”)

Now, a lot of therapists get hung up on this and say:

  • “I don’t have a niche.”
  • I don’t know which one to pick”
  • I don’t want to be in pain relief.
  • I don’t want to be in relaxation

(Or whichever niche & modality they want to avoid.)

But let me tell you this….

There is no “perfect niche”

The grass is not greener on the other side.

I’ve worked with clients who’ve been able to attract new clients in every single niche. As you can imagine, the grass is greener where you water it.

With your niche chosen, you’re ready for Step 2.

Next, you get the “1%” to self-identify…

Remember how I said that the top therapists are only working with 1% of people?

Those are the ones you want to work with.

See, no one wants to feel like a used car salesman, like they’re constantly pushing things on people, their family and friends and just stuff that no one wants.

(But on the other side, normal has to feel like they’re begging for business to get them to grow.)

When you get the 1% to separate themselves from the rest of the pack and self identify, you can focus all of your energy, all of your resources, and see a high amount of success.

So how do we actually do that?

We do this by going in and striking a nerve

First, we find out where your ideal clients are hanging out (both online and offline.)

Then, we call them out and speak about their pain in rich and vivid detail.

Your clients are currently in a state where something is bothering them and they’re in pain.

We put out a message that makes it feel like we’ve been reading their diary and understand exactly how they feel

And what this does is make them consciously believe that we have the answer to their problem (which if you’re a highly trained, evidence based therapist, you should)

Doing this puts your ideal client in a situation where they are almost begging you to tell them more about how you can help them.

Finally, make them an irresistible offer…

Now, I know people this and they think, but I JUST thought you said don’t discount my services.

So I want to be clear

An offer is not a discount..

(Although it can be, and it even works in some cases)

An offer is just a unique way of presenting or selling your product or service.

Now, instead of basing your offer only on units of time (like most massage therapists do)

You need to make an offer that’s based on providing a solution.

When someone knows that you’re the solution to their problems,

  • They aren’t near as concerned about the price,
  • They’re more than happy to pay what you’re worth.
  • And they’re the kind of people who come back in again and again.

The best part about this process is that this is completely universal.
You do not need paid advertising to do this

(Although it certainly helps once it’s all dialed in.)

You can use:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google ads
  • organic marketing
  • Referrals
  • & More!

Finally, your money and your actions will now be able to predictably and consistently create more money (and attract more clients.)

(And like I said, you don’t always have to be spending money on ads.)

In fact, we’ve gone through this process and even be able to “hack” Groupon and get PAID to market to their ideal clients.

That’s it. These are the steps to attract & book your ideal clients.

The result of executing this correctly is that you’re going to have 10, 20, or even 35 new high quality clients every single month!

But more importantly, you’re finally going to have that push button that moves your business forward when you want it to.

Quickly, I want to recap.

  1. You need to have a clear and defined niche and,
  2. You’ve got to have a high quality message that resonates with them.

When you combine that with

  1. A High quality traffic source (you can find the people) and
  2. An irresistible offer.

That’s when you’re going to “crack the code”

And I’m telling you this works.

I’ve done this in so many niches with so many different kinds of people.

But don’t just take my word for it.

See The Success Stories For Yourself

However, you need to have the right system in place to be able to generate these kinds of results.

That Being Said, You Have Choice To Make

You Can Choose The Hard Way…

You have every right to take the information presented in this letter and “figure it out” on your own.

But I have to warn you… There are exactly 10,000 possible combinations on a standard 4-digit lock.

If you want to spend the time, the money and the energy to figure it out, every single one by yourself, then by all means go for it.

Or You Can Choose The Easy Way…

And have someone show you what to do, who’s been there before and help guide you through this process to give you the combination.

So, let me ask you a quick question…

Do You Want Your Own “Predictable Client System” That Generates, 10, 25, or even 35+ new high quality massage clients every month?

If you answered YES, then I want to invite you to a free opportunity to get help with growing you business. However, I first have to make sure that this is going to be the right fit.

Here’s How The Process Works

I’ve set aside some time for us to chat 1:1 on the phone to help guide you through what it takes to create your own predictable client system.

During this 25 minute period, we’re going to dive deep into your business, understand some of the numbers, some of your goals, and then give you an actionable strategy that’s going to make sense of your existing budget.

If (and only if) it’s going to be a good fit, we’ll also discuss how to help you take that next step.

I want to be clear…

This is not some “get rich quick” scheme.

This is a personal, custom tailored, one-on-one strategy session with you and I.

We’re going to figure out how to get what you really want and how to make it happen in the fastest time possible.

The call is 100% free, but to see ANY results from the strategy we discuss you’ll need to make some sort of investment of time, energy, or money – and likely a combination of all three.

(If you’re just looking for something quick and cheap that doesn’t last, I suggest you try McDonalds.)

With that being said…

This Is NOT For Every Massage Therapist.

These Are Ones Who I CAN Help:

  1. Those who are having a hard time articulating what you do in a way that I do a client see your value,
  2. Those who want a more consistent stream of clients and don’t want to have the income roller coaster,
  3. Those who want clients who value their health (and are tired of attracting deal seekers and discount shoppers),
  4. And finally, and this is most important – This is for massage therapists who understand they need to have some skin in the game.

This is NOT For

  • Massage therapists who don’t want to be fully self employed or control their own marketing.
  • Those who are stuck in information gathering mode and you’re not prepared to take action (this is definitely not for you)
  • And therapists who aren’t serious about significantly increasing number of ideal clients they attract (If you just want one or two more clients than I suggest you go look somewhere else)

What’s most important for me is that the people that I work with actually get results.

I’m only looking for Win-Win’s

I want to make sure you can attract new clients in a way that benefits both of us.

If it turns out that you’re not right, the fit, I’m going to let you know. (And I’ll recommend you to one of my other colleagues who’d be a better fit).

So, if you’re ready to consistently attract & book your ideal clients (with and without paid advertising) then click the link below to schedule your free 1:1 strategy call.

Click Here To Schedule Your Free 1:1 Strategy Call

Now, If you’re on the fence or skeptical, I don’t blame you. But let me ask you this:

If All This Call Did Was

  • Help you IMPACT more lives in your community…Would It Be Worth It?
  • Give you an actual plan actually help you generate more clients… Would it be worth it?
  • Or if it just finally gave you the missing piece that could propel your business forward…Would it be worth it?

I think it would be. But don’t just take my word for it

This is what other massage therapists have had to say:

Given all of that, I hope I’ve convinced you that I can help you out…

All you need to do now is click this link, to schedule your 100% free, no obligation strategy call. (or visit www.massagebossmarketing.com/chat)


Time is a factor and I have limited availability. This opportunity will not be around forever.

I know people say that all the time, and it seems like marketing hype, but here’s the reality:

I run a small operation, only work with so many clients at a time and so I need to spend time serving my clients, serving my students, and also being a good family member. This means making sure I spend time on myself and spend time with my wife.

(And If I have to be honest, spending time with my wife or serving my existing clients is going to be a little bit higher priority than keeping my schedule completely open.)

So if you’re ready to move forward, and feel like this is right for you, then I invite you to schedule a call before the schedule is full. Strategy Sessions are granted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Talk Soon,

Darryl “DJ” Turner

Massage Marketing & Growth

P.S. If you’re the kind of person who just skips to the end, then nothing mentioned in this letter is for you. Building a successful and sustainable business takes more energy and focus than spending a few minutes reading.
I can’t help anyone who’s unable or unwilling to do a little hard work from time to time. I do, however, wish you all the best in your success.

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