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206 – Sefless Healer Syndrome

Massage therapists, especially, may be familiar with the term ‘Starving Healer Syndrome’, which highlights how massage therapists often don’t charge enough for their services. But there is also another type of syndrome that is less well known -…

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202 – 5 Signs to Fire

Figuring out when and who to let go of from the team can be a difficult decision to make. Have you been in a situation where you had to fire someone but didn’t know who? In this episode, I will be discussing a few signs that it might be time to part…

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208 – ICYMI – February 2023 Recap

Welcome back to another episode of the Scaling Wellness Podcast! Today’s episode is going to be a little different.    As I know you’re busy people, and we publish so much content, there’s a chance you haven’t had a chance to listen…

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